Cycling Clubs/Groups in Israel


I’m looking for some leads. I will be in Israel for a family vacation/event between May 27 and June 4, 2022.

I don’t necessarily want to go sightseeing every day with the family, as I have been to Israel several times already.

I’m debating either bringing a bike or renting when I get there. I am trying to find a local club/group that I might be able to join to go for some rides while I’m in country.

Does anyone know of any groups based in either Jerusalem or preferrably Tel Aviv?
Cycling guides/coaches that I could hire for a few hours for a few days, just a riding companion/guide?
What about bike rentals?



Check out Bilu Bikes and Pedalim.

There’s another one that’s Merida-affiliated just south of Baka towards Teddy stadium, but I can’t seem to find them online. The owner was super helpful and friendly when I went there to race GFNY and watch the Giro a few years back.

As you’d know having been there before, it’s an AMAZING place to ride. I’ve ridden in France, Italy, Australian high country - the climbs around Jerusalem are right up there among the best.

Carry salt tablets. Again, as you’d know, it’s a desert. At some stage you almost certainly WILL cramp no matter how disciplined you are with hydration prior.

I’d recommend not taking your bike. I took mine from Australia and the handling at the airport really left a lot to be desired. Solid case had split in two at the bottom. How they managed that I have no idea. Bike was fine thankfully, but I ride metal bikes… I’m pretty sure a carbon bike would have cracked.

As for riding groups, the sport has really taken off around there in the last few years (Giro, ICA, ISN) but I’d suggest just hitting the climbs on a Sat/Sun morning and latch on to a paceline. Scheduled rides and proper group organisation in Israel - not so much :wink:

Sat mornings will be blissfully quiet as it’s the Sabbath and there’s barely any cars on the road.

That GFNY ride pre-Giro is honestly my equal first most epic ride ever done and likely will do. Smashing around Jerusalem on closed roads was absolutely epic.

Have fun!

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I might go visit a friend this autumn and this made me want to rent a bike if even for one day only.

Just saw this post; maybe hustle a little and contact Omer or someone else from the team directly? You never know, he might refer you somewhere. Also check on Facebook for groups?

Off topic: I’m in Poland on holiday at the moment and whilst at a lunch place with my wife saw some guys stop by for drinks, so naturally I started started chatting with one of them (he had a sick Emonda). Turns out he’s an ex pro and invited me to a group ride on Sunday. Good I shipped my bike over. I find that so many cycling constellations are open to people joining, but like you’re referring to, you need to find them first somehow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: good luck and happy riding!

Thank you everyone.

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