Is it cycleops wind trainer power curve real?


I’m currently using cycleops wind trainer and I did a FTP Test but seems is to high for me, does someone else using this same trainer?

Not what you want to hear, but as long you do your setup consistently, the actual number is almost irrelevant.

It does not matter if it is “real”, it only matters that you have an FTP to use as the basis of training. Virtual Power is about training. Not comparing to other power or FTP values.


Thank you for your comment Chad, I appreciate it

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I understand the desire to validate the data, it would be nice to know if the power was true and accurate.

But it’s about impossible without checking by using a true power meter on your own setup (tire and such).

Just focus on your training and the numbers are secondary. You will get the same benefit as any other rider and device.

Yes, I do.
As Chad said, if you’re always using the same set-up, you’re comparing apples with apples, so it doesn’t really matter, but I don’t see why it would be wrong. You’re using a power meter on your bike, yes? So it’s the amount of force you’re applying to the (in my case) crank power meter, so it shouldn’t matter about the trainer.

I think @rgarcia26 might just be using VirtualPower with the CycleOps Wind Trainer, no power meter. Which might be why he was asking about the relative accuracy of the power curve. As others mentioned, consistency is the most important part of training, so while your numbers may not be comparable they still allow you to improve. You can read more here:


Thank you Larry for your comment