CX/MTB shoes extra wide fit? Recommendations please

It’s a pain. I now have a chillblain. Haven’t had one of those since I was a child and we all lived in freezing houses. Womens specific shoes are useless, so I go for mens in running and cycling, but getting a size 5 1/2 UK 39 EU is not easy.
I also hate the Boa system and have broken it 4 times. My best shoes were Specialized , low end price range, and had velcro straps. If you have feet like a camel, don’t ride a bike :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel:

Check out bont cycling shoes. I just got a pair and they are awesome! Heat moldable to your foot. And you have to measure your foot to get correct sizing. They can also make custom shaped shoes for feet that are like no other.

I know that the original poster asked for CX/MTB but I’d like to throw in a plug for Lake road shoes.

To provide some background, I’ve been feeling inflammation and some tenderness in my right foot just below the ball. After a visit to a podiatrist and telling him what I’ve been feeling, he told me my shoes are too narrow. He said I’d be better off with a square toe box instead of a rounded toe box. When I showed him the shoes I had, he absolutely insisted I look for another shoe.

To that end, I searched around and read about Bont, Lake and some others. I settled on Lake and ordered a pair of Lake CX241 (in white!) shoes. According to Lake’s sizing guidelines, I needed a size 42 in standard width. I ordered directly from Lake, even though it cost me a little more compared to online retailers, to ensure I got the exact size the sizing guideline recommended. I ordered them on Monday (1/11) and they arrived this Thursday (1/14). I’m in the US. (The shoes shipped from Chicago and I’m in New England.)

Today I did McAdie (90 minute over/under workout) and my feet, specifically my feet felt great during and after the ride! This hasn’t happened in years!

Much more room and no squeezing of my feet. The shoe uses the Boa system with its wires/cables kept in place with a Velcro strap on the tongue of the shoe.

If you’re having similar problems, consider the Lake shoes. I know it’s only one ride, but a vast improvement over what I’ve been feeling for the past couple of years.

One more thing; I did call them a couple of times and they were very good and patient with my questions.


I have ordered the Lake wide fit mtb shoe. Looking forward to getting it after reading your positive comments on Lake shoes. I have just dug out an old pair to use until the new ones arrive. They are about 10 years old now and bright orange which matched my team (Torq) colours, when I was given a bike ,helmet ,shoes, bibs , etc etc. They were my most generous sponsors ,and I don’t think I appreciated the free stuff enough at the time!
Now I’m relegated to the Devo team and still get discount on their products, but sadly, just can’t push the pedals like i used to 20 years ago

Hope you enjoy the new shoes. I did pick up a set of specialized blue inserts to replace the stock lake inserts. I have medium/high arch and needed the extra support. Lake shoes with spesh inserts is spot on for me.


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I have ducks feet and for me Shimano works splendid. I bought wide but really didn’t have to.

Lakes + shoe stretchers is what works for me. Anyone with wide feet should have a set of shoe stretchers.

I’ve got them, and they re so comfortable. I will be able to do my 6 hour mtb rides in the Spring with no numbness/pins and needles/ rubbing/ chilblains /plantar fasciitis etc,etc :rofl: :dromedary_camel:

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I have the Sidi Trace 2 Mega’s in wide, and they fit fantastic. I will say that they are a better MTB XC shoe than a CX shoe due to them being pretty stiff. Worth a look!

Another happy customer! :grinning:

It’s even worse if you’re female, because some clever numpty has made an assumption that all women have narrow feet and tiny toes.
So I don’t buy womens’ specific shoes, for cycling ,or running.
As for women’s kit, the assumption that all women like pink. Even my road bike (specialized Amira) has a sneaky dash of pink on the fork and top tube!
Sorry, straying from the original subject a bit here :unicorn: :pig: :flamingo: :balloon:

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At what point does Shimano consider you a wide foot and need to purchase their wide fit shoe option? I can find good detailed info on fit for Bont shoes, but for Shimano I haven’t been so lucky. Specifically, I am trying to find the same foot measurement (mm) chart for the new Shimano S-Phyre RC-902. As many of the reviews have noted, to which I agree, after trying on a pair the new S-Phyre is fitting more narrow around the ball of the foot. I’m trying to determine if I should order a wide fit instead.