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This is when a coach would REALLY come in handy, but since I don’t have one I’m here. There is another thread that is similar, but my question is about what to do DURING the season. Given I race once per weekend (either Saturday or Sunday), I like to have one more HIT session on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m trying to determine what the focus of that session is. A) threshold development (or maintenance) B) development of race specific type efforts (anaerobic capacity and repeatability) C) focus on long aerobic endurance w/some efforts D) other

I’m not saying it’s pick one and go, but those seem like viable options.

Right now according to WKO5 my FRC is around 24-26KJ’s, so not high, but definitely not low. FTP is around 315.

I always struggle how to structure my weeks during the season. How would you handle your mid-week workout if you race 1x per weekend?

Here is an example week that I’ve come up with this leaves two full days of easy between my race and interval session:

Sun: Race
M: Off
T: Endurance
W: Interval session
T: Tempo/Endurance (~2 hr)
F: Off
Sat: Openers

I’ve done 3 local Tuesday-night races so far, and my official season looks like this:

Week 1 (this week): Sunday race
Week 2 (next week): Sunday race
Week 3: Friday and Saturday race (Trek Cup)
Week 4: Sunday race
Week 5: Saturday race
Week 6: Saturday race
Week 7: Sunday race
Week 8: Sunday race
Week 9: Saturday race (State Champs)
Week 10: Drink beer

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What is FRC?
I’m interested in this Q because I did my 1st CX season this year and my fitness went backwards on the PlanBuilder CX plan.

FRC is a made up metric by training peaks, invented to be a pain in the backside like all their other metrics. Rant aside.

Functional Reserve Capacity (or referred to as W’ (W prime) in scientific literature and by sane people, no offence to OP). It is a measure of work above threshold, that replenishes constantly as you dip below threshold.

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Functional Reserve Capacity. Think of it as your battery. Or how many times you can punch (do work) above FTP. You can have a huge FTP and low FRC (triathlete or someone who does too much Sweet Spot) and you can have a huge FRC and low FTP.


Interesting question, apologies for the rant up thread.

I would, depending on the season length, look at doing both but sequentially. I think the order is important and can’t find what I was looking for on the internet quickly that would help clarify it.

I’d also consider doing some lactate clearance workouts before the season peak.

I’ve spent the last month or two integrating a weekly over/under workout. Which I really enjoy. I’ll be racing from now till end of November. So not a terribly long season. Only around 10-12 races in total. I figure that I can handle a race on the weekends and one mid-week interval session and one CX simulation workout that focuses more on skills. Week could look something like this:

M: Off
T: Endurance (~2 hr)
W: Interval session
Th: CX skills session
F: Off
Sat: Openers
Sun: Race

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Couldn’t you hire someone like Kolie, who is well versed in WKO# training, for a consult?

I feel like a hour or whatever would get you the answers you need going forward whenever this comes up for you.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to convince my wife that this is money well spent–even though it is.

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Maybe sneak it into his weekly IG Q&A’s or make a post on reddit. He might mostly answer it for free.

Won’t help you for this weekend, but maybe going forward.

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You can go back through our local CX coaches weekly training recommendations during the season on his blog

Its based around a weekend race and a wednesday night skills/race session.

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My plan is to do progressive sweetspot/threshold during the season, about 1x per week. At least that helped when two years ago I destroyed my FTP with short power build, and it seemed to complement the races ok. I also do 1x skills session, which always has sprints/starts, so think that is covered. Then try to fit 1-2 endurance rides in.

Find it much harder to get out of bed etc in winter, and also there seems to be more “life” things on, so we’ll see how it goes…

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This guy?

My in season week is something like this:
Monday: Off. Yoga, foundation work/stretching
Tuesday: intervals with skills. usually 90 mins
Wednesday: either a training race/ride in my made up course or intervals
thursday: if racing saturday= off. If racing sunday, i’ll do intervals
friday: openers if racing sat. if not, then off
saturday: race. or openers
sunday: some sort of long ride with over unders and 2 hours of endurance or race.

I try to mix in sweet spot burst intervals, temp, over/unders on the weekend if I can pending schedule.


My “training” plan
Monday: rest
Tuesday: cross practice - 2 long blocks or 3 short blocks of a course at speed, and the rest period in between is used to practice a skill
Wednesday: core and strength
Thursday: similar to Tuesday
Friday: rest
Saturday: 30 min run or a race
Sunday: race or 30 min run

Fitness during a CX season will drop if you just repeat this for the whole season. But for me thats ok, i’m not racing for the podium, i race for fun, so more races is more fun. If you want to perform at your best, then you have to schedule in periods of a few days rest, then a bit of building and peaking again.

If i’d do it more seriously:
week 1 & 2: as above, with racing at the weekend.
week 3: no races, VO2 intensity during the weekdays and longer endurance on the weekend.
week 4: Some HIIT at the start of the week, then easy in the weekend to recover.
Week 5 start over as above.


Unabashedly liberal? Yup. Also has coached multiple national championships.

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I like it. Lots of good content on his site. Thanks for sharing!

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