Customizing SSBII?

I have spent the last few months doing a lot o rides without a planned progression, but focusing a lot on z2 work, and then have been working on extending TiZ for sweet spot efforts, from 60 minutes to as of last weekend, 90 minutes (planning to do Juneau + 1 today for 100 min TiZ). I’ve done this because I have felt that TTE is a more glaring weakness of mine.

I’ve used plan builder to prep me for the High Cascades 100 on July 17th - my main focus in riding right now is long events. It has me go to right to SSBII, then to SBP/XCM speciality. I’ve been following the SSB1-2-SBP progression the last few years, and have cracked a bit in the SBP phase, but also likely to adding in outside rides and going ham while doing so. I may do some local Fondos if they aren’t cancelled this year, which average 80+ miles and 4-7k feet of climbing.

I’m noticing, now that I look more closely, there are very little workouts with a lot of TiZ for sweet spot efforts in SSBII. I’m concerned that I will lose some of the TTE gains I’ve made over the last couple months. I’ve compared Low and Mid volume plans; I expect I’ll go with low volume, as a nurse schedule doesn’t always allow for workouts 5 days a week with 12 hour shifts.

Anyone have any ideas on how I should proceed? I’ve considered creating a “custom” SSBII, in which I keep the Vo2 and threshold work of the LV plan, but sub in the SS workouts to add in workouts that will keep me on a SS TiZ progression. Should I look towards FasCat plans for a little more TiZ progression? Or should I just hop into SSBII as is?