Custom nutrition guidelines per workout

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I’m not sure if this has already been suggested (a quick query did not yield specific results) but would it be possible for Trainerroad to include custom nutrition guidelines per workout based on the athlete’s FTP, the specificity of the workout (e.g., endurance vs. sweet spot vs. VO2, etc) including the workout duration? I’ve been listening to a lot of the recent Ask A Cycling Coach Podcasts and have gleaned that carb intake can/should be related to the duration of the workout (e.g. 30g of carb can be fine for ≤1hr duration; 60-90g/hr for ≥2hr duration, etc). Perhaps the software can also take into account the athlete’s desired outcome (e.g., improve performance, improve body comp, lose/gain weight, etc). Thoughts?

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See this thread for an app that will do that. Saturday App



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awesome, thank you!

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