Custom Desertion Training Plan is Go

Well that was a weird week of virtual volcanic upheaval. I’m sure there are hundreds of me, but after 2 solid years on a competitor’s platform, I am back. I tried the ‘real’ looking one too but didn’t like it.

And WOW! Lots has been happening here on TR. I LOVE the fatigue management system. That’s going to really suit my weekend Audax schedule.


Hey @HeltorChasca :slight_smile: Welcome back!

Glad you’re enjoying the new features :sunglasses:

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I also used other platforms and SYSTM(s). Could not stand the 1980’s Nintendo graphics of one of those and only so many times I can race in the pro peleton getting my a** handed to me. Best on I used of the lot was when I integrated Golden Cheetah and typed up my own workouts.

Came back to TR after about a decade off. Now in month 3 of my “I’ll just do 30 days to try it out again”. Happy to have made the return. Now if I could get TR to not red/yellow light me at least ince a week dispute me setting the slider to ‘most agressive’ in me settings.