CTS Time-Crunched Cyclist

Just reading the time crunched cyclist and it’s an interesting read for sure and packed with good information. I am wondering if anyone has followed it and what their outcome was? I might try to model my training after it using similar trainer road workouts. If anyone has any recommended TR workouts that are similar, please let me know.

Why not just follow the low volume plan? I also think they have time crunched plans

I used it several years ago as my first structured workout program with a friend when we got smoked in a couple of crits :rofl:

It is very effective. There are several programs, I did the criterium one and the century one. They are very very similar to the TR Low Volume plans


Yes, bought a road bike December 2015 and loosely followed CTS plans for 2 years in 2016 and 2017. Achieved highest fitness in 2017 a couple months after turning fifty five. Averaged about 7.5 hours/week and peaked about 280W FTP.

Before that I did spin classes for 2 years (2014-2015), plus an easy outside ride. Averaged just under 4 hours/week and ended 2015 at about 240-250W FTP.

Tried to reduce hours with TR (2018-2019) and the first year averaged about 6 hours/week and got to 250-255W FTP. The second year I dealt with an injury so will leave that out.

Since 2020 I’ve gone back to the same basic approach as CTS Time Crunched (but with FasCat), and averaged 7.5 hours/week and fitness keeps going up, with an FTP around 270-275W right now.

Versus TR the approach is different, more endurance and fewer intervals.

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Takes me back but I did it way back in the day, obviously things have moved on a bit but you might find it useful.

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