CTL, ATL and TSB Information within TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad - whilst I love the product that you have, I am a new user and have not been on the “journey” over the past years. Without being overly critical of the progress that has been made over the past few years I struggle to understand why there has been no investment made into provide a somewhat similar service to that of Training Peaks, Wattsboard, Golden Cheetah products? I use TP and GC, primarily for CTL, ATL, and TSB chart information and having this in TR would provide a one stop shop where you can view that information without leaving - heck if it was done well, I would pay the TR subscription just for that aspect. I also think there would be a lot of people cancelling TP subscriptions and could be a differentiator against other products. Does anyone else think that this would be a good addition? Maybe I am on my own here - what are peoples thoughts? :slight_smile:

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