Cross training : rowing to cycling HR comparison

Hi all, please link me to a related thread if it exists but couldn’t find one fitting on my own.
Question: what is the relationship btw heart rate (HR) training zones for cycling and rowing?

I am crosstraining with rowing at the moment. I have a HR monitor and the concept2 has pace (time/500m) and wattage. My endurance HR for cycling is around 130-150bpm so I decided to start at a pace that would put me at 140bpm. My cycling wattage for this 140bpm is around 200w however my rowing wattage was about 125w (2:20/500m).
This got me thinking is the HR zone more like running (high HR for any given RPE relative to cycling).it might be the case that I am an inefficient rowing atm and these watts will converge with experience (rowing watts → cycling watts).
Does anyone know some science or data? Anyone have personal experience?

I’ve been a rower off and on since '08/09. In the last month I restarted after a year long break; similar experience. RPE for a given level of watts is much higher when rowing than when cycling.

The concept2 forum has an old thread with more anecdotes and links to some studies Erg wattage vs Cycling wattage - Concept2 Forum

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