Cross-country skiing activities from Strava imported as cycling

I did a bunch of cross-country skiing on the previous month. Now when returning to cycling and TrainerRoad I see these activities having been imported as cycling.

I think this is because I used Garming Edge device to record these, which meant that Strava also initially classified these as cycling, and after every skiing trip I had to manually to chang the activity type in Strava. I recorded some skiing also with Strava Android app, these activities don’t show up in TrainerRoad at all.

I wonder what’s the better way:

  • deleting all these activities from TrainerRoad (possibly making TrainerRoad think I was a couch potato for the last month).
  • keeping them as cycling (possibly making TrainerRoad think I’ve done some extra heavy training with such a record heart rate).

For future set up a ski’ing profile on your Garmin then they’ll upload as that to Garmin Connect and be pushed to Strava as that. I’m not sure what the answer is on TR only recognising bike rides, I think its a particular problem with triathletes who do lots of training off the bike.

Doesn’t work. My Garmin Edge 830 only gives me a choice between various cycling activities: road, mountain, gravel, etc.

Thats annoying , I forget what my 1030 gives me :upside_down_face:

Opted to delete all these as I think TrainerRoad wouldn’t have imported them when it had properly known that these aren’t cycling workouts. We’ll see how it goes…