Crit this Friday evening

Little question.
I have had a race yesterday. I’m racing this evening to. Tomorrow I’m planning on a big ride 200km finally good weather. Will I be oké for racing Friday evening, recovery wise.
It’s like a hometown race and I want to perform and win.
Some more info of me.
10-15 hours a week.
Ftp 310 @ 61kg.
I race pretty often.
Crit this evening is only 1h and Friday 1h30

Hey there!

I think it depends on how important this race is for you. A 200km ride is quite long, especially if you haven’t done one in a while. It would probably take a significant toll on your recovery/freshness.

If you want to try to do as best as possible at your race on Friday, it might be a better idea to postpone the ride. If the race is more of a buildup event to a more important race later in the season, then you might be okay with training through it without as much recovery.

Basically, you’ll have to prioritize and choose which is more important to you and your goals right now. You can certainly do both! Just consider how the 200km ride will probably impact your race afterward.


Maybe skipping crit this evening.
And a big day tomorrow 2 days rest.
And full gazz friday