Crit Racing! These boys are dropping like flies


I love this video. Its insane!!

I can’t watch videos like this. I know that crashing is almost inevitable in bike racing but I’m in no hurry to fill my mind with images.

Brings back memories when i came off my bike last year at 20mph ish. The resulting road rash wasn’t pleasent…

Most of the guys that go down are a result of really poor bike handling, dirt and CX skills make for strong handling skills!

This isn’t the norm imo. I have no idea what was happening here but, the crashes were not really because this was a “criterium”.

I’m thinking since this is an early season south Florida race, the course could be a little sandy. Everything was probably cool for most of the race but when the speed ratchets up on the last lap the breaking point of traction became apparent. I’m also guessing the first race of the season nerves played out a bit too.

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