Triathlete wanting to Crit. Help?

I’m a triathlete and I want to do some crit racing this year. I did a couple some 3 years back and felt pretty comfortable outside of the first turn where I had some nerves. Then I took the drop bars off my bike, put on a TT cockpit, and no longer had a bike I could bring to a crit.

Fast forward 3 years and I’ve finally bought myself a proper TT bike and I’ll be converting my road bike back to a real road bike and would like to get back into road racing. I think I’ve actually improved my bike handling skills and take pride in how fast I take my corners in a triathlon, but I haven’t ridden a true road bike for quite some time.

My question is, would it be OK to show up to the first crit of the season with my road bike (having of course gotten some riding done and working on getting the feel for the bike) and racing right away? I’m confident in myself but I also don’t want to be “that guy” who has no business in the race and is a danger to everybody else. And if it’s not OK to show up like that and be “that guy” how many of the local bike shop and/or club rides should I do before I jump into a race?

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We’ve all been “that guy” at some point…you always have to have your first race.

Since you have done races before, I’d say there is no reason for you not to show up on Day 1 and have at it…if you feel you are ready for it. Ride smart, ride safe…if you feel like you could be an obstacle to others, ride at the back and stay out of the way and see how it goes.

Go for it and have fun!


I would say that racing is probably the best way to improve your handling skills, go for it and ride safe in the beginning, you will get more confortable lap after lap!

Curious about how you approach your training season. I’am also a triathlete and I am considering racing CX and crits next year. Do you follow tri plans or road plans? Do you have a focus on short power any time during the season?

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Yes. It’s ok. Just race and stop over thinking it.


Thanks everybody. I do tend to overthink these types of things and I’ll head out onto the race course and have some fun.

I’m doing absolutely nothing to train for the crits and will focus 100% on my triathlon goals. So obviously I’m not planning on sprinting. I envision myself getting into the breaks, chasing down the breaks, and just generally animating the race until the sprint where I hang back and watch the fireworks :slight_smile:

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Just wear socks, mmmkay…


Get in breaks (or try to). Don’t chase down breaks (assuming you’re racing by yourself). You’re not going to be able to both and you’ll learn a lot more from the former, plus it’s more fun.

As far as actual racing ability, if you can hold a wheel and are ok riding whichever line you’re given when you’re in the pack you should be fine.

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If you’re comfortable just showing up, go for it. I’ll say though that if you do a couple group rides first, you’ll be more comfortable.

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Wait, you’re saying there are people out there that wear socks while biking?!?!?!? What kind of craziness is this? Next you’ll tell me they don’t all have disc wheels or teardrop shaped helmets either! :crazy_face:

Ineos just signed a triathlete… The possibilities are endless!
Just do it!

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He was a pro cyclist turned triathlete back to cycling now

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Double converted… The possibilities are infinite :joy: