Cycleops Hammer vibration on pedal stroke

Anyone had this problem? It’s been fine for a year but now when pedalling hard there is a noisy vibration that comes through the pedals. It seems much worse when in the small ring too. This will be a problem with the Hammer rather than TR but just wonder if anyone has experienced the same.

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I have had a hammer for quite awhile now and have not had any issues. First thought was that it was some kind of flywheel balance issue but if the issue seems worse in the small chain ring then that can’t be it. Are you sure it is not somehow coming from your drive train? Could you try another bike?

Also I have had the gear cluster start to loosen on my trainer which caused some intermittent problems. MIght be worth a check just to make sure it is still tight.

Customer support is quite good with the Hammer so you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to them directly

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I’ve had great results when I’ve contacted Hammer/Cycleops/Saris support over the years. I’ve purchased several of their products. They seem to support their products well. I’d give their customer support team a call or e-mail. They’re great people to work with.

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I am interested to see if you had any luck with your problem as I have an identical problem with my Hammer which is about the same age, Saris pointed me to Raleigh UK for a solution but as yet to receive a reply,


I get a small vibration/creak, which could be a sign of a bit of grit in the belt.
I’ve read that treating the belt with some belt conditioner can help fix the problem (I haven’t tried this yet, but intend to at some point)

I’ve got this on my H1. Happens around the 180w zone for some reason. Cycleops sent a new plastic fan wheel thingie, it didn’t fix anything. Seems like a harmonics, flywheel balance, wheel/pulley tolerance, or cordial action type issue.

Some things to check for:

  1. Pedals - I have Speedplay frog which uses a small roller bearing, which can ride up the pedal shaft, causing a similar vibration. Try pushing away from the bike with your feet to pull the pedal bodies off any spindle ledge. If the feeling goes away, it might be the pedals.
  2. Crank - your bottom bracket may be bad. Pull the crank and see if the bearing move perfectly smooth. Clean everything. put a bit of grease on the crankspindle and BB seals. This grease might help highlight if something isn’t fitting together right as the problem will go away for a bit and come back.
  3. Chain rings - ensure the bolts are tight. If you’ve got a 1x setup, ensure the ring is tight against the bolts, not the bolts against the bolts (bolts bottomed out).
  4. Cassette - ensure there is no play in the cassette cogs. If isn’t not all the way tight, the middle cogs may have some play. There is also an 11sp Shimano 11-34 cassette that fits funny, so that may be an issue.
  5. Chain - check to see if the chain isn’t vibrating up and down during the vibration.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I did find that the hex stud which the skewer goes through on the drive chain side was loose, and also the nut on the other side was loose. I thought that improved it a lot initially but it’s now worse than ever. Nearly unusable in the small ring. Haven’t made any other progress in finding the problem yet. Just been using the big ring in erg mode. Gonna try a different cassette next and see what happens.

Finally got around to a bit of maintenance over the holidays……….Looks like my cassette has been the problem. Vibration virtually gone after changing to a different cassette. Either that or everything just needed a good clean.

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Did you just need a new cassette? Or was the gearing different?

I have had this since I set up my unit I purchased 2 weeks ago, thought it was normal but now thinking there might be some issue with it. Also sounds like there is a some sort of ‘thumping’ sound the harder I pedal. Going to double check the cassette is tight later.

Hi there, every time I think I have the problem sorted. All of a sudden the vibration returns. Now I’m thinking it may have something to do with slight angle changes every time I take the bike off and back on. You’ll notice if you sit the bike on the trainer without clamping the skewer you can move the bike side to side. I suggest making a very slight change in the position of the bike before you clamp it and see if it makes a difference.

Hmm, thanks, will have to play with it. I had a hunch I was rocking a bit more than usual or something.

Hey Daniel, I’m getting the same issue and have been trying to figure it out. Running an 11-32 ten speed. Everything looks secure, but on the the three smallest cogs I’m getting a good amount of vibrations. Is there supposed to be some play in the back. Looks like it can wobble left to right. Thanks!

Try to take the cassette off and hub and re-grease inside the hub. Worked for me.

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Finally sorted out my vibration. Turned out to be the SRAM PCX1 chain for some reason. Used multiple of these. Switched to Eagle 12sp and the problem went away.