Craving intensity

Anyone else get an occasional serious craving for some intensity while working through HV SSB? My body responded very well to the HV SSB during my buildup last year, so chose it again. I’m hitting a point now though where I’m seriously considering throwing in something spikey like Backbone with an extra Beech tagged on for volume just to mix it up a bit. I don’t think doing it once in a while will throw things off completely … :smile:

Doesn’t hurt at all in my opinion and I throw in a few Zwift races and my cycling club races to spice things up. The key thing is not to overdo it as you’ll burn out.

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Just went through this cracker myself, so much so that I’m doing my own version of SSBHV.

As mentioned in other threads, Coach Chad doesn’t see a problem with doing a sprint of two during a recovery ride, so I’m sure doing a few Z5/6 spikes during a SS ride isn’t going derail anything.

There are these kinds of SS workouts, but they aren’t part of any plan, just have to search the library.


I have found the same to be true as well. My sense is I need to add some intensity for 2 reasons. 1) My FTP is set to low and therefore I haven’t had as much intensity as the program intended (“A” races! are still months away; and 2) The monotony of long SS workouts is often offset by a little “zing.”

As long as you are not burying yourself - My view is a “Little Intensity” is the spice of life.