Crash recovery impacting workout quality?

I had a crash about 10 days ago at Tulsa Tough. No broken bones, just lots of missing skin and deep bruising. This morning I had a VO2 workout on deck that should have been moderate by VO2 standards and I blew up midway through the second interval. Could I have pushed through interval 2? Probably, but HR was super high and body was feeling beat.
I’ve had several “off” workouts the last week or so. Is this because my body is doing some rebuilding on the injuries or is something else amiss? I don’t know how crashing/recovery would impact workout quality other than just putting lots of strain on the body and it’s processes in general.

I crashed last Tuesday - feeling exactly the same. rode really poorly at both my races since.

My guess is something adrenaline related, or just the body using lots of energy to recover.

No doubt it’s been harder to sleep as well especially with road rash.

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The first week of sleeping with the road rash was tough, every time you move it springs you awake. Thankfully most of that has subsided at this point.

Fabio Jakobsen said something interesting about this in the recent Netflix doc on the Tour. After a heavy crash your body is applying energy in recovering, and you can’t perform at 100%. It’s why he pulled out. I came down heavily Saturday morning - separated my shoulder, road rash, bruised ribs. I’m back on the indoor trainer - one recovery ride and one very tame threshold repeat session. In a way the injury doesn’t feel like it’s impeding me, but I’m running at about 80%. Heart rate higher than it should be. I’ve also noted I’m sleeping much more deeply than usual (although codeine will affect that too…). I’m just focusing on rehab and eating and sleeping well. Plenty of protein. It’ll come back.

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I did a 2x15 sweet spot this past saturday and got through it, HR was higher but was ok. Today’s VO2, I could tell it wasn’t going to happen. HR was what I’d expect at the end of the 3rd interval at the end of the first.

Crashes take a huge physical toll. Your body puts the energy into recovery…give it time.


Ah yes, the infamous Tulsa Tough – I’ve crashed there too, it’s even immortalized on the TR YouTube channel here. :sweat_smile:

As other athletes here said, crashing takes a huge physical (and mental) toll on you. Your body puts a lot of energy into getting back to 100%. That can definitely have an impact on your training post-crash.

Go easy on yourself and rest up a bit extra if you need it. Recovering fully after a crash is the #1 goal – once you start to feel better, you can start to train harder as well!

Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions on healing up after a rough crash – it’s unfortunately an experience I’ve been through too many times!!

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Thanks I appreciate it. Things below threshold seem doable above threshold my body just says nope right now.
Yesterday I did 2x20min at sweet spot 300w which is about 90% of FTP give or take and it was tiring, HR was high but it was balls hot and I completed it.

Yet two days prior my body said to F off on what was, by VO2 standards, an easy workout. Weirdness. I’m taking three days off now. Will resume Monday with another SS workout and see how I feel weds/thurs to do VO2.

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Bruises are a sign of muscle and other tissue damage. It has to recover, and sort out the damage and repair whatever was damaged. So many bad things could happen depending on the degree of injury. GIVE IT TIME TO HEAL!! Healing is NOT a waste of time.

Of coure it’s going to effect workout quality. :roll_eyes: