Cramping inside of quads?

Noticed that most if not all of my cramping is isolated to inside my quads. Anyone else experience this same location and found anything that helps it? They are quite painful for sure


I cramp in the same place on ultra endurance events. I read somewhere you need to stretch the opposite muscle, so when i started cramping in the inner thigh, i pushed my knee into the top tube, and the cramps went away. I then repeated this whenever i was going downhill and the cramps did not return.

I think I get the same kind of cramps that you describe. They really hurt!

When I have done a TR ride and I can feel that legs are in that kind of mood, I try to pre-empt it by doing some stretches.

The one I think works best is standing up, crossing my legs at my ankles and then sliding my outside hand down one leg and then swapping and sliding my other hand down the other leg. Then recross my legs so that the other foot takes the lead. Hope that helps!