COVID-19 Quarantine Playlist for TR Users Whats your Tune

Hey boys & girls,

Government just added an additional 15 Days to our current 15 Day quarantine that is currently on Day 8.
Okay, All races have been cancelled or posponed until Oct 2020. No outside cycling actives risk getting ticketed by the police or worse get the virus. On day 2 local TV had live coverage of a roadie getting a $600 ticket :grimacing:
Sounds bad right. Nope GOOD its an opportunity to focus on training with minimal distractions and although confined to our homes we have TR and Plan Builder so we can tweak or experiment with different tng options. And now that everything is indoors it means music and lots of it.
So my cycling friends I ask you to provide your top 3 cycling playlist tunes or more so that I / we can build our COVID-19 Quarantine Playlist.
thank you :grin:
Mine are: Bad Company by Bad Company 2. Hey Joe by Hendrix 3. 99 Shades of Crazy by JJ Grey & Mofro 4. Nasty Letter by Otis Taylor 5. Outside of This Town by Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

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The Specials - Ghost Town

The Glorious Suns - S.O.S.

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Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi

Don’t Stand So Close To Me - Police

Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf

Okay, that’s enough now…

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Alice Merton - Lash Out.

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I llve situational playlist threads…hang on, I’m gonna drop more than a few!

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This one is perfect…for all you Stephen King fans!

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Prong - Dark Signs and Mansruin
Godflesh - Hunter

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Any now for something completely different

Ok, if you’re a Monty Python fan you get it…

How apropos that two week’s ago I finished Eric Idle’s “Sorta biography” of the same title as the song. If you’re a Python fan and haven’t read it yet, it’s worth a go. If you’re not a Python fan, probably not very interesting) A continuous stream of name dropping (Good firend of Robin Williams and attending the TDF a number of times --riding in the pace card on the Champs with Robin Williams, etc).

But there is a lot about the song and how so many people have taken it into dark places to lighten their spirits – such as British soldiers under fire in the Falklands War and many others). It’s also been in bright places (closing song of the London Olympics) so I feel it’s quite on target for our world right now.

(Was trying to put the video itself in my post like the posts above mine but couldn’t figure out how to do that…)

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Last song recorded by Nirvana - You Know You’re Right

Hendrix - I Don’t Live Today

The studio version looks like it was taken down…

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Thanks I like all those they are in my wheel house as I grew up with these tunes. I do have a wide Iike A-Z pretty much all genres thanks again added to the list

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OOOOHHHHH JIMI !!! its on the list! thanks

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LOL you might not thank me after listening to the lyrics or reading them

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Oh Nirvana I like it! I never got into them and not for any particular reason. There is just so much stuff out there but I like it and they are on the list and will have to look at some more, Thanks for the double tap old and new for the Pac Northwest!!!

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Yes, familiar with Monty Python from back in the day as I´m at an advanced age :joy: It´s definately spot on for COVID-19. and its on the list! Thanks

Okay thanks. Listened to both I like Godflesh - Hunter and it´s on the list I will another go to Prong. Not sure of the Genre but my son is into Death Metal and Black Metal both sound like there close to that Genre… Thanks

Thanks good song! I know it well. Its on the list!!

They are all good for the situation!!. I speak some German but havent in a while but I understood the introdcution of Johnny Rivers. I drink alone is a classic and the Georgia Satellites good all are on the list!! thanks

I never heard of AM but I like her She is on the list thanks!!