Could this be used instead of maple syrup to fuel workouts?

My supply of Maple Syrup is getting to a point where I am looking for alternatives. Maple Syrup is amazing and helps fuel my hard workouts. In South Africa maple syrup is expensive and our currency is descending (no pedalling required).

There is something called Golden Syrup. It’s not natural but could this be a good alternative?

Golden Syrup Ingredients:
Pure Cane Sugar partially inverted to Fructose and Glucose, Water, Glucose, Salt, Acidity Regulators, Anti-foaming Agent, Butter toffee flavoring added .

Simple answer is yes - it’s liquid sugar. While this is a manufactured product and maple syrup is natural - you will get your answer after testing in place of maple syrup. If you get stomach distress then your search continues - if it agrees with you, then you have a less expensive alternative.

You could also just pour sugar in water, which should be even cheaper.


Besides being keto, with a never-ending energy source, [including killing breakthrough VO2 & Anaerobic workouts, don’t listen to them…] I must say that if you are decided on carb influx, taking anything with ‘acidity regulators’ [probably just fairly simple buffers] and ‘anti-foaming agents’ is probably not great for your health.

As another user said, just putting crystalline table sugar in water will get you here, without the extra chemicals.

I quite like the idea of using Golden Syrup… the proper Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup is only sugar (so you can probably assume 1:1 glucose:fructose ratio), no flavouring or chemicals and it does have a wonderful rich caramel taste.

But it’s way more expensive than Maple Syrup where I live. And Maple Syrup is itself way more expensive than table sugar :cry:

So I use table sugar with a bit of flavouring. I have used brown sugar in extremis, and quite liked the slight caramel taste… I should experiment more with that.

I take it that that is not actually Maple Syrup. It appears to be the fake stuff.

Just get dextros, maltodextrin or gatorate powder by the kilo.

Baker’s Sugar, a mix of sodium citrate (better sodium uptake) and alginate (can be helpful for your tummy) (2:1) and then choose a flavoring if you want it. I use unsweet instant tea. End result works for me and tastes like Gu Summit Tea Roctane at about 1/10th the price.

Plenty of room to find different flavors if needed.

Whatever you decide, check that expiration date!

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