Couch to Crit season 2

Have you just read my mind?!


353 was the 20min number and 335 was the 95%.


Genes make up a big portion of it. Just happy over here hitting 288w ftp 4.1wkg) after a few years after getting into cycling after a life of being sedentary.


It’s absolutely genetic and probably mostly VO2 max based. If one has a naturally high VO2max, they are going to reach a certain level quickly.

I’ve seen an ex-pro I knew (rode grand tours and the Olympics) go from 10 years at a desk and 30 extra pounds to lapping very competitive masters 1-2-3 fields in six months. Most riders, no mater how much training, will never ever be able to solo off the front and lap the field.


Hey, I’ve been at a desk for at least 10 years, have 30lbs to lose, and let me tell you I could easily get lapped in any race - so take that! LOL


You can take a look at EJ’s strava and see he’s been putting in some monster weeks in terms of saddle time + he’s young + appears to have high VO2 max. I get where you are coming from, but most of us can’t make cycling our full time job like he basically has the past 7-8 months. He was also a collegiate baseball player so being around high level sport isn’t completely foreign to him.


A 1500+ watt sprint doesn’t hurt either! Ok, this guy is not the couch potato that was presented, clearly he his has some past fitness and great genetics.


He was a competitive pitcher. So there’s a lot of prior lower body strength that is helping him. From previous Ask the Cycling Coach, we know that muscle nuclei has a 1/2 life of 15 years.

He’ll be a marked rider from now on so we’ll see what happens.


It’s kind of nuts they don’t put “Couch to crit” in the title of the videos. Why make it so challenging to find? And to identify which videos on the channel are in this series.


Did anyone mention genetics :joy: How about youth ! And genetics genetics genetics. No one gets to be high level collegiate athlete without great genetics . All this hard work will get you there stuff needs to be taken with a grain of salt from your genetic spoonful .

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I cant help but really like this EJ character! He went from certifiable dad-bod to an absolute weapon in no time at all.

14 hrs a week is pretty nuts, certainly helps when your employer is a top notch cyclist and your new job is to get fit… and I say that out of jealousy, not spite!