Controllable Lasko Performance Fan?

I know the Lasko performance fans are highly recommended, but are any of them controllable remotely? Can you put a wireless dimmer on them to control the speed?

To my knowledge, there are no blower style fans with remotes stock (wired or wireless).

One member said they are using this device for control, wired.

Others (like myself) are using a wireless remote control for pure On/Off control, but lacks speed adjustment.


My Lasko is on an amazon smart plug paired to alexa, so I can voice control it…no ability to control speed, but not sure I’d use it anyway - I sweat enough that I need full power all the time.


I have a few fans - one on a standard dimmer switch (similar internals to the fan speed control above), and the others on the remote on/off switches. Both work quite well.

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Just ordered a fan and some smart plugs, thanks!

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Smart plugs changed my life, smart plug all the things.

Though my fan just died, so I’m using a variable speed Amazon fan for now… Lasko or similar is in my near future.


I put mine on a smart plug also. No speed control buy I’m finding running 2 of them that low speed is more than enough wind blowing over me. I’m also finding I like to start off with the fans turned off until I start to warm then turn them on. If my garage were any cooler I would probably look at adding a variable speed controller to slow them down a little more.


I really like the variable speed controller. Sold as a router speed controller at harbor freight in USA but called many other things online.

I hang it on my handlebar for remote variable speed control. No smart plug or listening devices required!


I’ve got one of the Laskos, but am thinking about getting this one - it’s up to 395 CFM, and has a wired speed control. It would need some kind of rigging to point it and have it stay in place… Anybody have any thoughts on this?

The “variable speed control” is only three speeds, so same as the lasko. If you’re interested in switching on or adjusting your lasko remotely, one of the options in the earlier posts in this thread could work.

Hey! Did you ever figure out mounting for this?

I purchased a similar fan and figured I would just figure it out once I got it. Still shipping but glad to see someone else is testing with a duct fan. Let me know what you’ve come up with!

I’ve played with the controller. It didn’t do much. In my experience, more fan area is better than smallers fan kicking out more speed. Use a wifi power strip ( eg ) to turn them on/off as you need them.
You just need convection, it doesn’t matter how fast that air is moving as long as it is moving. Speed helps if the fan is far away. Try moving your fans to the 1 or 2 o’clock position to the side of you, so your back and front get some air. Also try an up high and down low fan.