Continual adjustment

I’ve suffered knee problems and I’m just about right now, but I ride with an Allen key / hexkey beside me when on the trainer. I feel like I’ve become Merckx in my continual adjustment. I’ve raised the front wheel (1/2 inch 1.5 cm) as I guess this approximately replicates 25kmh headwind. This seems to have helped plus cleat nudges & saddle fore aft adjustments - so everything else is minor adjustments but a 1.5cm shift up on the front wheel.

Are you tinkerers too and I’m really more interested to know if you’ve copied and then tweaked Chad’s individual workouts or the entire plan. I added 5 VO2 max efforts at the beginning of the last set on ‘Beech’ - I did feel a little heretical, then I found ‘Scott Peak’ which is similar to my modded workout.

Am I alone in adjusting the workouts/plans?

Definitely not alone in adjusting TR workouts, although as you say with around 2000 workouts available there is probably one that already exists that meets your needs. It is just a matter of finding them.

Regarding continually adjusting position on the bike, I am really not sure. I doubt most people do that but I am only basing that on my personal situation. Either way it does not matter, it is what suits you.

Continually trying new things out didn’t harm Grahanm Obree

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Obree is a great role model, have you read his books, particularly The Obree Way? I especially like his pragmatic diet. Sardines, jam sandwiches and corn flakes - didn’t do him any harm. SIS would have hated him :smiley:

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