Continental launches GP5000 Transparent

They’re finally back…tan walled GP5000s, only clincher at the moment.

Think i’d rather go Turbo Cottons, because they come in 26" which is the size of tyre my wheels are built around. Interested to potentially give the GP 5000 a go in 28s now they come in tan walls again.


I ran the TDF limited edition version for a while, which only came in 25. It felt like tightrope walking coming off the 28s I usually use and eventually function won out over form and I switched back. But man, did they look good!


I had ordered a set of the std GPs for a steel bike I’m building. The “cedar” color looks really sweet. Much better than the yellow/tan/brown sidewalls out there. IMO

Now you’ll be able to see your casing threads break IN the tire, no more waiting for them to expose themselves.


I am reluctant to give 28s a go when Specialized have said 26s fit my wheels better and are more aero on the said set of wheels. I guess me with my mere sub 300w FTP wouldnt notice the aero difference haha

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I’m running 28c Blackwall GP5000s in a tubeless setup right now, and at first they felt like boats after being on 25s for so long, but now I can’t imagine going back. I’ll order these up ASAP as I like the way the natural sidewall looks on my old Pinarello.

Meh…where are the 30’s and 32’s?. H


Gutted … came here excited to see a tyre that was genuinely transparent… :slightly_frowning_face:


I would argue that those aren’t “tan walls” but the classic Conti dark brown.

“Tan” evokes a much different image to me than those tires…

(Yeah, it is a nit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Transparent GP5000 … ? :thinking:

It’s a clever marketing headline but I see right through it …

(I’ll get my coat :coat:) … :joy:


Why Conti doesn’t release a 5000 tubeless with tan sidewalls?

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I’ve been running the standard gp5000’s with butyl tubes for winter, been a great overall tire. Wanted the limited tdf ones but didn’t want to run a 25mm tire in the back. Will definitely pick up a set of these for summer with latex tubes, run a 25mm up front and a 28-30mm out back.

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which wheels? rovals?

the ones i bought used came with spec 26s but I want to replace w/ some 28 tubeless tires sometime

yup the Rapide CL. The ones that come on the SL7 pro. I have the Spez Turbo 26s on at the moment.

Currently thinking about 26s Turbo Cottons or moving up to 28s in the same tyre or start trying the GP5000 now they’re tanned.

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Think of the benefits for tubeless and sealant if tyres were transparent :thinking:

I feel like they’d eventually lose their transparency once the sealant dried out? Be cool to see the sealant dispersing though.

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