What is this BS and will it effect my traning?

Went for a ride tonight and was greeted with this sawtooth power and cadence graph. NOTHING has changed about my setup, same position in the room, same iPhone13 Pro, Wahoo KICKR. I could feel the ERG power change when I was at lower power numbers but didn’t seem to happen at or above FTP (or I didn’t notice) restarted my phone and trainer with no luck. Also relocated my phone from the handlebars to right beside the trainer thinking it was interference with no joy.

For my next ride I’ll use my tablet or computer to run TR to see if the problems follow. Has anyone seen this? Any fixes?


Any significant or abrupt changes in cadence? If so, it could be your trainer trying to compensate by increasing/decreasing power…

I dont think so I’m pretty good at keep my cadence. I can feel the resistance drop out from under me for 1/2-1 second then catch back up.

Also noticed that the ERG power on the TR app also changes.

You mentioned only drop outs above, but it also looks like there are some crazy spikes on your higher wattage efforts also. Did you feel those as well?

If the issue wasn’t a one off, maybe try to calibrate your kickr if it hasn’t been done in some time (assuming you don’t have the kickr v6/auto calibrate model).

I had something very similar to this just before my Kickr Core died. For a while I found turning it off and on before riding helped (I now keep the replacement off when not in use). Wahoo support were excellent though and replaced it even though it was out of warranty. Might want to open a case with them just in case.

Maybe something else (like your tablet) was connected too?


I’ll second this. It looks to me like maybe you had a second program competing for control. Were you also running Zwift or something? Was your device connected to multiple other devices?