Confused about HR specifically for VO2max efforts

I am currently following SSBMVII based on the ramp test at the start of the program. The test put me at 225 which feels about right based on feel and past experience. Compliance on the workouts is good, I have only had issues with a single sunday workout at the start of the plan due to a pulling feeling in hamstring so called it to be safe. The rest have been achievable within expected RPE.

I have been reading a number of threads relating to vo2 as this is likely to be more prevalent in the next plan for me, Sustained Effort build MV. In particular;

One of the more interesting comments keeps on referring to vo2max efforts should be around 90% of max HR to be optimal in terms of repeatable efforts and this is where I am a little confused.

My max HR, which was recorded in a CX race is 188bpm. My average HR for a CX race is 178-180bpm and for me at my age (45), that means about 45 mins. From experience, I have no real issue with my HR hitting high 170’s up to 180. Even at this HR, I would not say that I feel like I am about to blow up.

As an example, this was Carp Peak + 2 where I hit high 170s fairly often. If anything, I felt the legs (fatigue/muscular endurance) were the limiter if anything as I did complete with no adjustment or back pedaling.

- TrainerRoad.

HR on a standard SS workout is usually around 165

A more threshold workout with a end of interval HR of about 175

So for the workouts above, I am not far off 90% HR max at the end of an SS workout (87%), 93% on a threshold workout and well over on a harder workout (95%) and I am not sure that given some of the comments that I should be at these levels for these workouts. I have no reason to think that for longer vo2 workouts I will certainly get up to 180 if not higher.

So I suppose my question is, am I worrying about nothing and should just continue the plan as it stands or modify workouts to have a cap on HR, it seems like a lot of my training is already around 90% HR max


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