Is this HR response normal?

I’ve recently started on SSB2 in attempt to regain some cycling fitness. Started off with a ramp, 247w, fine with that (well it’s not quite 320 in 2020 but again fine with that :grinning:).

Something that has surprised me is on both VO2 workouts so far (appreciate they aren’t the hardest) my HR has only got to a max of around 140 (my max is 194). They were very comfortable, I flagged as easy. HR strap is working fine and happy that I know what certain power numbers feel like so no technical issues. I have shown a different type of workout alongside to show power and HR as a comparison.

My feeling is these are introductory type sessions? Regardless, I am enjoying the sessions, balancing them with 3x weight lifting workouts per week. Progress will be slow but for now it’s about creating that consistency and getting back in the habit with training.

There are lot of threads on this already…


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If you felt a lower level workout was easy, it was probably a normal HR response. Maybe also you tested a wee bit low but now you are back in the system it should dial you in (AT and AIFTPD) and it sounds like there are lots of gains to be made :muscle:

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Also the PL is very low, many dont get a decent VO2max workout until they get one 5.x or higher, some even in the 6s


Thanks, :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: for not searching previous threads.

The answer to you question is yes it is a normal HR response for many at that PL level.

You could give AT a push by picking a higher PL you think might be more appropriate or wait for it to adjust based on the feedback surveys.

Normally I would say don’t get too far over your skis in the first week of a training plan because volume will ramp up as you go and cause problems in the last couple weeks. In your case, I would say that a fitness level you have once attained comes back quickly. So if you once attained an FTP of, for example, 270W, it’s going to be easier for you to get back to that level of fitness than it might be for a newbie rider.

You should consider using the Alternates button to select a little bit more challenging VO2max & Threshold workouts next week. Maybe consider a Breakthrough VO2max workout if the Alternate workouts look achievable.

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Thanks, I do think it’s worth the risk, for now I’m just doing the 3 sessions per week so the load overall is light. I will look at replacing with stretch for the VO2 and see how I go.

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The only additional caveat I will offer is that Bluebell is VO2 ‘level 4.5’ which is already a big bump up from Taylor -3 (Vo2 ‘level 2.6’). So maybe you plan has been adapted up already.

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