Completed my Ramp test today!


I completed my first ramp test with Trainer Road. I had an estimate from Garmin that was 165 and my ramp test went up to 175 today! With all the great news about Adaptive Training I went ahead and purchased a year subscription to improve myself. I’m really looking forward to the road ahead. My next step will be to choose a plan. I normally follow an 80/20 approach with my running and since I’m inexperienced with road cycling I am thinking I should pick the low volume plan. For equipment I’m using a Giant Contend AR 1 with a Kickr (v5). For on the road I’m. using a Favero Uno Assimo. I’ve got a Wahoo Roam as well and a Karoo 2 because you can’t have enough gadgets right? Anyway, excited about the changes coming to Trainer Road and I wonder if when Adaptive training is available my plan I choose will automatically be converted?




Yup. It will actually be the same plan to start, but it will adapt after each workout if necessary. At least that’s my understanding.

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