Completed my first Mary Austin

Holy hell

Structure is there, compliance is a work in progress


Congrats! She’s a nasty b!!! I was actually expecting worse, but that’s a ride that truly lets you know where your FTP is at.


And your mental mind games. You write a lot of cheques to yourself during that workout.


You are one up on me. Top work!


Hey guys, I’ve been on trainer road for about 3 months. I find myself checking the forum a lot but not actually posting.

When I finish a particularly painful ride, I usually end up looking through the forum to make sure my others have struggled with the same ride. It makes me feel better.

I’m near the end of SSBLVII and I just finished Mary Austin - 1. It was super tough, probably the hardest TR workout yet, but I’m starting to get really comfortable when my legs are on fire.

I’m hoping these rides pay off on my next ramp test. I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll have a big jump…we’ll see though. Mary Austin certainly can’t hurt my FTP…given I don’t have to much fun over Memorial Day weekend. Fun = Beer


don’t worry, you definitely cash them after a little recovery :slight_smile:

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Right there with you. I did SSBMV 1 and was feeling good, SSBMV2 really kicked up a notch in intensity. I don’t mind suffering on the bike but getting through some of those workout in a way that made me happy was tough.

Plugged a second block of SSB2 the calendar and working through that before moving onto build/specialty for the CX season. Went with low volume, trying to use the more intense workouts on the trainer as a supplement to the outdoor riding that gets pretty good right about now :grin: