Commuting to Work and Clothing Options

HI there everyone.

Want to start commuting back and forth to work (30 k) and was wondering what others have found works out kit wise. I have a uniform at work to change into when I get there.

What do you with your kit when you get to work?
Do you ride home in that same morning kit?
Or do you rotate kits: one for ride to work/one of ride one/one spare?
What about washing it?

Having 2 complete kits for various conditions (warm/cold/weather) starts to seem a bit expensive but I am looking for your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks for any ideas

Same kit both ways, but I am able to hang to dry/air-out over the course of the day. Sometimes I feel bad for people in my draft on the way home but most of the time it’s alright.

Same here. Same kit there and back, if I can hang it up to air then great.

Got different kit for all seasons and bibs and jerseys for each day of the week. For spring and fall, I wear arm and leg warmers in the morning, and in the evening, I pop them into old bottles. For summer and winter, the same kit applies all day.

Right now, I have a locker at work, but at other jobs, I’ve found a way to hang my kit for aeration through the day, which is nice when it rained in the morning.

Echoing the responses above - same kit there and back with hanging in a locker at work during the day to air it out. Investing in a cold weather kit was costly, but now might be a good time to do it if you’re in a part of the world where the cold weather gear is going out of season. I’ve found I only really need the special cold weather clothes (heavier jacket, heavy balaclava, fleece-lined tights) when it’s below zero. Otherwise, I layer depending on the temperature - if it’s not below zero in the morning, I’ll wear my regular kit with arm and leg or knee warmers, shoe covers, a light jacket, a hat or light balaclava, and mittens. Then shed layers as necessary. Having different pieces that I can mix and match in different temperatures is also cheaper than larger specialized pieces, like full coats or long pants.

Same kit both ways. My workplace has a dry room. I wear a fresh pair of shorts each day, if rain is forecast then I take spare dry pairs of shorts and socks. Nothing worse than putting on wet shorts and/or socks before commuting home.
I also use a merino base layer and merino socks that keep me warm, and don’t smell. Those last me all week.
Leave my jeans and jumper/jersey/cardigan at work, so I only need to carry briefs, T-shirt and socks with me.

Another vote for arm and leg warmers. Personally knee warmers (and long football socks) allow me to wear same bib shorts in summer and winter so no need for loads of kit. Also usually colder in mornings so arm/knee warmers in morning then stick them in pocket on way home

I take different bikes(mtb, road, folding) for my commute so didn’t opt for a road kit as that would look strange on a folding bike. I use mtb shorts and jerseys as my commuting clothes of choice with arm/leg warmers in the morning. Carry lunch and work clothes in a Chrome Industries messenger bag. Heat or cold(or as cold as it can get in CA) doesnt stop my commute, but rain does. At that point, its car time.

I used a couple of light merino wool jerseys when I could still commute. Air them out during the day. Less likely to get funky and good for layering. I usually wore fresh shorts each way. I bought a few pairs of cheap bibs online for this purpose.

I always take it easy on the cycle in to not be too smelly in the office. Bag left in work with baby wipes, towel deodorant etc. Then let the kit air all day and wear it home.
Need a few sets of kit as I don’t reuse without washing.

I keep a close eye on the weather and only cycle on half decent days. If you’re soaked on the way to work you’ll need an alternative option for kit on the way home.

I switch to MTB pedals and MTB (goretex) shoes during winter. Wind and waterproof overshoes have their limit, especially if you have to put your foot down at a red light and no dry land in sight…

For cold and wet weather proper winter boots rather than shoe covers are a blessing.

Work so much better and much less faffing about.