Recovery/Endurance Rides on Citybike?

Hi there,

Say I have a very easy workout like Baxter, Pettit or Bays scheduled.
I’m aware that completing these workouts on my roadbike or trainer would bear the most benefits.
However, rather then skipping them alltogether due to limited time, would there be at least some benefits by extending my commute to work to 45 minutes of easy pace (merely putting a sweat on)?
I’m talking here about a full on mudguard, luggage rack, normal pedals citybike.
I mean, there’s certainly no harm, but are there benefits? Or are the benefits so marginal that I can save the extra 45 minutes alltogether?

Thanks for your advice!

In my case there’s certainly benefits for mental health, especially if the weather is good!

I’ll commute to work on easy days because I find Pettit particularly boring on the trainer.