Comfortable office chairs

As I sit here sore from pushing too hard over the weekend I was thinking that this chair isn’t so comfortable when my legs are worn out and I’m less picky when not worn out. So was wondering, does anyone have opinions for good office chairs for those of us who sit at a computer all day (I’m a software engineer)


I spent (wasted) months researching high end office chairs a decade ago. All the typical big names at the time. I settled on the Steelcase Leap which I still use today and am very happy with. Part of it was the limited options to test different models (had a local dealer with several of their models, all were very nice but the Leap stole the show).

The lack of being able to try chairs out is a big issue. And even then, a short time in the chair doesn’t mean much. The chair I’m having now from staples was comfy in the store but not so much any more. That was a high end chair for Staples, but thats not saying much, doesn’t seem like many stores carry high end chairs

I think I had a leap at a previous job and it was ok, maybe I should try the version with a headrest (I definitely want a headrest)

A friend in the office furniture business offered me an Allsteel #19 at cost when they first came out. 20 some odd years later it is still great. Have had various Steelcase and HermanMiller in work settings. All the good ones are pretty good.

Since my wife has permanently claimed the #19, am looking at the Mirra2 or Celle seats just to be different. Then she will steal it and I can have my 19 back :grinning:

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Yeah, a generous return policy is the only real way to handle the fact that “test drives” are well short of daily and weekly use. Good chairs are anything but cheap, and finding one that works for you is a bit like finding good bibs (there is no perfect solution for everyone).

My first new, nice bike was less than that chair :flushed:


To give a sense of time… I paid $800 for my chair, in the plain “Buzz” fabric in all the stock black colors. Essentially the least expensive way to get it. So, double that for the same thing now which is kind of wild. :open_mouth:


I stumbled on a different page that is much closer to what I paid years ago.

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The wrinkle in that is the chairs seem to be well made and refurbished ones are around half off but don’t have the good return policy

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Sneaky (bad guy) thoughts… order “new” and test, then return… order the refurb under a different “identity” and save $$$

Terrible suggestion, but I can’t be the first to think of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Posturerite. Ace, in my experience.

I thought about it. Felt wrong (no need to change identities as you buy refurbed from a different place)

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I’m in the US though that may help others

I spent about $1000 on a Herman Miller Embody about 10 years ago when I knew I was going to be working from home a bit. Over the past few years work from home has turned into 100% and I have never regretted buying this chair. Sadly I have way more hours on it than all my bikes put together, but its still going strong.


Thanks to the interconnected devices, I got tons of chair info in my FB now. :stuck_out_tongue:

One maybe worthwhile one was a Herman Miller one with a 15% discount code, for thir anniversary.


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I got a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron from this seller last summer (when office chairs where scarcer than toilet paper . . . ). It was like new and otherwise a good purchase, although the price has come down a lot! The Aeron is one of the gold standards of office chairs.

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I’m another Steelcase Leap user since 2012. After getting it, I’ve never considered another chair.

After putting a new laminate floor in my office I upgraded my wheels to “rollerblade” wheels. Smooooooth

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Well… I use an exercise ball for my “chair”… have done so for many many years.

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Great if you can make that work. I’ve done that for some stuff at the house (along with the ancient “knee” chairs), and my back goes to crap eventually. I and others need some back support and the variability that these chairs offer.

Herman Miller Embody, paid $1350 roughly 10 years ago and it’s still in excellent condition. Would do it again in a second.

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The last 2 office chairs I’ve owned are both Humanscale.
Current chair is a ‘Different World’ model.
Very supportive, comfortable and competitively priced.
Only negative I can think of is that if you’re a big guy and like to spread your legs when seated, it could be a bit narrow.

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