Come Race the Best Weekly Crit in the U.S

I know, I know, everyone’s local race is the best race out there. But according to USA Cycling the Austin Driveway Series IS the best! :grin:

Driveway Teaser

Pure Austin Driveway Series Trailer

The Driveway Series Is The Best Race Series In The U.S.

This race series is one that I love supporting. It’s a shame we all can’t be outside racing bikes right now but the Driveway Series has converted to Zwift during this global pandemic and best of all it’s FREE! Complete with live commentary, it’s definitely a great way to get in some quarantine racing.

I gain no benefit in posting this, just want to support a race series that I really love.

If you want to try your hand against EF Pro Cycling’s Lawson Craddock he’s been racing the P12 race every week.

Thought I would share the details in the event any of you are looking for some racing or variety…




Good Morning!

Week 6 of the Lifetime Driveway Series p/b The Meteor continues on Zwift for Week 4 on Thursday April 16th! A, B, and C races will start together at 6:30PM CST this Thursday. Races will continue every Thursday thru May 7. Registration is FREE and open to all. You will however need to have a paid Zwift account. A registration link, as well as links for how to get started on Zwift, for Z-beginners can be found on our website:


Thanks to Logan Delaware of Big Mouth Announcing presented by The Pennybacker Company for the Facebook Live Feed so we could watch!

DRIVEWAY SERIES ZWIFT FUND: Many of you have asked if you could offer up a cash donation to the Driveway/Holland Racing for our efforts to keep the Driveway Series alive virtually via Zwift. Our intention has always been to offer Zwift Driveway races for free as a way for our community to stay connected.
However a fund like this helps offset the hit we’re taking by not being able to collect weekly registration fees. In reality, we are still paying for services like trash, recycling, contract workers and costs incurred to get the series started on March 12th.
So if you’d like to make a donation, we thank you, link is below! You will automatically be entered into a weekly drawing for some awesome prizes from our sponsors which we will mail to you! If you’re not in a position to do so, hey no sweat, we totally get it. Zwift races are still free and open to all. You do not have to make a donation to participate.

Link to donate:

April 16th INFO:

COURSE: Weaver Technologies Racing Laguardia Loop - Reversed



MECHANICAL SERVICE: Curbside drop-off and pick-up of for bikes needing repair and service is available at Mellow Johnny’s call 512-473-0222.

WELLNESS: Buy Gift Certificates and/or schedule a future massage Austin Massage Company-

MINI SERIES: ROKA Summer is Coming Mini Series - standings on our website - click RESULTS.



  • Here’s a video about how to get started on Zwift. It’s not as difficult or expensive as you think.
    • Basically, you do not need a fancy trainer, or even a power meter to participate. All you need is a bike, regular old trainer, and a power sensor. A heart rate monitor helps. You won’t be included in the final results without a connected power meter (either on your bike or built into a smart trainer, if you have one) but you’ll at least be able to participate.


  • REMINDER: to be included in the results, you’ll need to set up a account. It’s FREE. Here’s an article about how to start Zwift racing as well as some general strategy tips.
  • You will not be included in the published results unless you have a Zwift Power Account set up prior to the race. If you don’t care about results, you’re fine. If you do, please go set up your account now.
  • We are using unfiltered Zwift Power Results in our spreadsheet.


  • Make sure your Zwift profile is NOT set to private.
  • Be sure to sign all of the privacy waivers when setting up your account. You will not be included in the results unless all waivers are signed, and your account is public.
  • Make sure your weight is accurate. flags performances with abnormally high w/kg and you’ll be booted if, for example, because you entered a lighter weight for yourself, you’ve averaging 9 w/kg the entire race (yes, it happens in Zwift racing #weightdoping).


  • Day of you’ll want to be on Zwift a bit early before your race warming up. A few minutes before the race starts you’ll see a notification pop up with a countdown clock asking you if you want to join the race. Click yes and your warm up will automatically end and be saved (don’t worry you don’t lose the miles) and you’ll be transported, virtually, to a warm up area at the virtual start line. The irony of all ironies is that you’ll be warming up on a virtual trainer, on your screen, next to hundreds of other racers also warming up on virtual trainers, while actually on a trainer in real life. We find this detail quite funny.


  • if you feel like you need some help or have questions, several of our wonderful Murff BADA mentors p/b Dr. Savage are well versed in Zwift. Drop them a line at:

Stay safe ya’ll!

Andrew, Holly & Kelley


Shameless bump for anyone interested in racing tonight:


184 folks signed up for the 4/5 race ©, should be something to see. Lots of horsepower in the P/1/2 race too and 76 entries. Hope to see you there!


Hopped in the A race and promptly went about snapping my chain in the first lap… I’ll be back next week. The field was stacked. You’d think the TR boys would consider making an appearance since they’re so competitive :wink:

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Haha! That would be fun to watch :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your chain. I had a good race (for me) but I’m completely blown apart. That was VERY hard as I have done a Zwift race in years and that was only my second one ever.

Best of luck and thanks for jumping on.

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Thanks, I’ll be back to again for sure.

I slapped on another old chain and found another race. Set a new 60sec power PB and took the win… nice consolation prize :wink:

Wow congrats! I thought I had a shot at the podium but the field had another plan and I wasn’t in it!

Lawson tapping out 380 watts for almost an hour tonight, must have been painful in that group. It’s a great series, hope they can get it rollling again this summer.

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Me too. I paid an entry fee even though it’s free. Definitely a great series, would love to see the TR crew show up and race it at some point :muscle: