Coffee & Dehydration, Poor Sleep Quality, Getting Dropped, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 375

About once a week, I use a bag of coarse ground coffee in a Toddy cold brewer. I then use 4oz coffee/8 oz water for 90 seconds in the microwave for every 12 oz cup. Fresh, hot, strong coffee without the daily hassle and waste of pour-over. Also cheaper because 1 bag of coffee goes farther. I’ve never been able to make pour-over that wasn’t lukewarm.

This was a great podcast. And @chad did an amazing and entertaining job!

Wish beers with chad was back. Was a light in the darkness that was the start of the pandemic


Great job @chad , especially considering realtime critiques from Nate and him sitting back and doing nothing to help you.


One note to @Nate_Pearson: in many parts of Europe, pour-over coffee is the default.

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Regarding the athlete who had the bad crash and was trying to figure out how to regain confidence, Carrie Cheadle Jackson is a terrific resource here. She has a book called Rebound and has a whole podcast called the Injured Athlete’s Club. My team brought her in to talk to us during one of our team camps, with the focus on mental toughness and mental skills, and she was truly amazing. Lots more info/resources about injuries/recovering here and here.

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I liked this week’s pod. It reminded me of the early years when it was less polished. Jonathan has built some great hosting skills over time.

I honestly would consume whatever the TR crew is serving any way they like.

I just re-read the forum rules and will not enter the coffee debate. :joy:


@IvyAudrain you mentioned a spice/flavoring that you use on your rice cakes but couldn’t remember it during the podcast. Would you mind posting it here?

I have been experimenting with making “easy” rice cakes that are not too messy (requiring a lot of clean up afterward) and liked your plan!


I think she was referencing furikake.

You can find all sorts of varieties online or even in your grocery store.


Loved this pod! Finally, I have some place I can point people to when they start the “coffee is dehydrating you” debate. It’s a pet peeve of mine…

Just get a hario switch. Love mine and takes the fuss out of v60 with most of the benefits.

Maybe I missed this in the comments. My download for audio (via Castro) was 2 mins. I got the intro and exit. :thinking:

Was this the episode where someone asked how people fuel for long rides without needing to stop and refill with bags of mixes or carrying 50 gels? I think so.

If so, I think the hosts missed the easiest solution…

You carry two 1 liter bottles, each with 200g of carbs in them (800 calories each). 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose mix, with added flavoring and some salt. Then put either an additional water bottle or a soft flask of water in one of your back pockets. One direction/salomon make them for trail running that are easy to find. Somewhere between 500ml and 1 liter worth.

That gets me ~4 hours without stopping (400 calories & 100g carb per hour), while being sufficiently fueled/hydrated the whole way and not needing to stop at gas stations or open containers or whatever, and malto/fructose is super cheap. The one liter bottles are pretty darn sweet nectar, so having a third bottle that’s just water to have every now and then to wash your mouth/teeth out is ideal. If you want to get to 120g of carbs/hr, then supplement with a gel an hour or gummy bears or some other food.

Another option is using a wolftooth b-rad bracket to add an extra bottle mount on your top tube or downtube.

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I was really surprised by that too. I thought for sure they would mention “there are literally hundreds of posts on our forum about how to easily mix 60, 90, 120, or more into your bottle”.

I do always enjoy though when Ivy chimes in to say something like, “oh, I just grab some candy and a hot dog at a gas station every few hours”. The woman has an iron stomach!


Yeah my stomach did a backwards somersault when I envisioned the food inside rural gas stations/convenience stores… :nauseated_face:

Edit: and shortly after she said that I signed up for Gray Duck Grit which will roll by a fair number of Casey’s General Stores…

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Touching back on this after a 3rd listen. Like Nate, I also love rolling out in the morning with a small bottle full of cold coffee. I usually take my leftover pour-over (that I make extra on purpose) and toss it in a bottle overnight in the fridge.

That cold, bitter taste is my first bottle during the ride and a great contrast to the sweet of my food and other drinks. I will also snag a cold coffee sometimes mid-ride at a gas station during my long endurance rides for the same reason.

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