Clip on aero bars for Zipp SL70 aero bars

I have a set of Zipp SL70 aero bars on my winter / trainer bike. Does anyone know if you’re able to get clip on aero bars, to allow for a TT position?

As the handlebars are aero therefore flat, I am struggle to find a set of clip on skis.

Reason I want them is to get into the TT position whilst on the turbo

Nah. They’re not clip-on compatible unfortunately.

Expensive bars for a trainer bike :wink:

Sell em and get some cheap aluminum round ones to mount. Probably have extra cash left over if they’re in good shape too.

lol it was my only bike, till i bought an SL7 Pro.

So now it’s been demoted to a winter / trainer bike haha…

Probs a good idea, ill probs just sell them and get some other bars.

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