Clip-on TT bars recomendations

I am looking at doing my first TT later this year. I will use my regular road bike and I am looking at getting a set of clip-on aero bars to use.

Anyone have recommendations for a first set of clip-on aero bars? I have never used them before. I will be attaching them to a set of Profile Design drop bars with a 31.8 clamp area. I want to use these mainly for TT racing, so I am mostly looking for maximum aerodynamics. although I can see myself using them for endurance riding if I can get comfortable, but that is secondary. I am willing to spend up to $200 USD.

Thanks for any responses!

These are my favorites. Best system that allows for super fast install and removal at any time.

Just a bit more than your batted budget, but I also recommend the matching seat post if you have a round one. The two positions really makes the setup much more effective and functional.