Cleat set up SPD SL

Hi just a disclaimer i do have a bike fit booked, but its not till next month and want to see if i can iron anything out before then.

Predominantly my cleats - using SPD SL’s yellow & my right foot (dominant, stronger leg) it feels like i’m ‘ankling’ a lot and my ankle feels really sloppy and less stable to push power through whereas my left is feel nice and strong, how i want it to feel.

I’ve currently got my cleats set pretty equal per foot, but i have had my right cleat further back and forward to no real avail. I’ve also tried adjusting the angle of the cleats for valgus and varus. My seat is also not high at all, i’m tempted to put it back up a bit and/or forward.

Or is it just a case of my right ankle being less stiff (how do i solve this) or stopping adjusting things and just putting up with the feeling? Its mainly when i put an effort or sprint in that i want it to feel a lot more solid.

On the upside theres no pain :slight_smile: any suggestions on where to start or go back to? I have used blues in the past but changed to yellow as theyre the ones i had in my possession.