Calf pain - pedaling technique?

I’ve had calf pain for a couple of days - just a tight muscle and I know it’s cause I went too hard last weekend, lesson learnt.

However it’s got me thinking, what is the correct, most efficient and generally best way to pedal on the road? I’m using SPD SL cleats for what it’s worth. Just want to make sure I’m ticking the right boxes.

I’ve read lowering saddle height and moving cleats back a bit can help but I generally just think it’s an increase in volume and intensity, acutely over the last week or so. Before then it’s been fine and I haven’t moved my saddle or anything. RPM is generally 85+ unless I’m going up hill.


Your Achilles and calf muscle act as a lever. I have my cleats as far back as they will go, and have had no loss in power or speed. It certainly reduces the strain. Certainly worth doing if you regularly feel strain in either your Achilles or Calf muscles.

Awesome thanks I’ll try it. Will I need to remove a bit of saddle height?

Sometimes clothing changes saddle height etc subtly, like using a thicker pad or different shoes. Also for me thick socks can mean my foot can’t move all the forward into the shoes, so effectively the cleats are further forward.

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I would recommend stretching your calf after each ride as well. I get a tight calf only on my right side sometimes :person_shrugging:t4:.

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You’ll just have to try it. Whatever you do make small changes one at a time and try it out. If it doesn’t work move back to previous position.

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