Cleaning Matte Black Frames

Hi Everybody,

I recently purchased a new matte Black Specialized Venge Pro. I love the look of the matte black frame, but finding it hard to keep clean. Any oil residue from the road, sweat, spillage my bottle tends to leave a smear on the frame that’s kinda hard to get off with just soapy water. I’m reluctant to scrub the frame for fear of marking the surface and I’ve found standard bike cleaners or polishes that I’ve use on my old bike often also leave a residue on the frame.

What are you guys using to keep your matte black bikes clean and looking sweet?



its made specifically for matte bikes but i use it on all my bikes. it works wonders.


I use this. A bottle lasts forever


Thanks Guys.

Save yourself some money and go to the local drug store (CVS/Walgreens) and buy the cheapest baby wipes they have. The 120 pack I buy costs less than $2. I have a matte black Orbea Orca and I wipe it down with them after every ride. Everything from the frame, zipp wheels, brakes. Looks great afterwards and super easy/cheap. Bike looks like new every time.




This. Been using baby wipes for years and they’re great.


Great Tip , thanks! I’ll given them a go.

Both aforementioned products are great. Whilst at home I buy the largest container of Simply Green

I get the whole bike wet. Spray down the bike starting with chain drive and wheels. Then go from there.

When on the road. I’ve used muc off. Works well.

Ride safely!


I keep a diluted bottle of Simple Green next to my bike and quickly mist it and wipe it down after every ride. Big box home improvement stores sell the concentrate by the gallon.


I spray some cleaning oil on a rag to give it a little shine. Also helps to mitigate sweat stains when using indoors. Depending on the nature of your matte surface this may be more or less suitable though.

For a little shine back in my motorcycle days guys would use Pledge on their Sportbikes:). It works very well


Gt85 for me. Works a treat

I’d say several of these posted here would work, I often use ArmorAll wipes on my bikes, I think they’d work well on a matte finish.

Love this stuff… Cheap and It works on my Colnago C60 Racing Matte Frame!

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Bumping this one before starting a new thread. I had a toddler help me with cleaning my bikes and unfortunately she took the chain-rag to wipe down the frame of my Foil and Aerium. Both are sort of matte finished black carbond frames with decals painted on. I can’t seem to get the decals clean, especially the hi vis yellow on the Scott looks filthy. Tried baby wipes, didn’t work. Anyone got an idea what to use?

I think of the other recommendations only muc off is available here.


try lighter fluid?

Try Simple Green first. If that doesn’t get it off move on to something harsher, which I’m sure you’ll get plenty of input on.


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