Frame Protection

Saturday will be NBD for me. I’m picking up a 2018 Specialized Epic Expert.

Any good recommendations for frame protection kits precut or otherwise? Would like to get it wrapped while fresh out of the box.

Thank you and Cheers

@Jonathan does a really good job discussing this w Steve on his other podcast TheMTBpodcast. I can’t search well right now or I would give you links.


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+1 for Invisiframe. Not cheap, but great product and excellent fit.


I put a Bike Shield dowbtube protector on my new bike since the area loves chip seal. It went on easily and isn’t noticeable unless up close

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Thank you for the recommendation and welcome to the forum!

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Has anyone tried something like or

I’ve seen good reviews from car users but surely would also make sense for my new frame. I don’t want to spend too much or add weight/damage the frame but something that means dirt doesn’t stick as quickly would be a worthwhile investment

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I’ve gotten some good results with purchasing clear vinyl and cutting it to size. Not always as elegant as pre-cut solutions, but it has always worked for me and protects well.

I bought Invisiframe for my new mountain bike. It is expensive and quite thin but I found it pretty easy to fit although I have ended up with a couple of small bubbles. It really is cut to suit your frame really well though so if you can afford it I’d recommend it. If you’re on a budget I’m sure there are alternatives that will work just as well in key areas but if you want the full wrap I’ve not come across anything else.

My LBS has an agreement with a local 3M store, they’ll cover the keys parts with a pretty thick layer of clear 3M for a reasonable sum. I think an average MTB is around $200.

That is pretty cool and smart thinking of your LBS. I’d pay that for coverage that I don’t have to do. Cost me more than that in stress, hassle, and missed family time (or training time).

Will have to bring that up with my LBS.

Just spray Flex Seal on it.

I use Helicopter tape to protect from cable rub