Classified & TRP "Vistar // Powershift" (sequential shifting)

Was hoping sram would buy classified

Gotta say that although it’s going to be a big budget option I like this a lot. Could make a really aero optimised bike with range to climb anything.

I’m really excited as we’re seeing options other than the big default 2 regardless of budget.


This could be very interesting…depending on pricing, I’d definitely give this a shot. I rode the FSA electronic group for a few years and the brakes (made by TRP) were fantastic.

But with the Classified system integrated, they have a true point of differentiation vs. “just another” grouppo.

I edited the title for clarity and better search results, then merged the 2nd topic to the 1st.

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Ah, missed that when I did a search!

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I just hope in sequential / single gearing mode you can configure the shifters ala SRAM so that upshifts are on one shifter and downshifts are on the other. And not so that upshifts / downshifts only use one shifter.

But agreed if the price is right, this looks like an awesome Gravel option

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