Clark, the day after: My left leg is more sore than my right leg

Just what the title says. I did Clark in the past, but I don’t recall having this kind feedback before yesterday. Yesterday I did the first four 12 seconds sprints seated, and the last two standing (I believe in the past I always did them seated).
What should I make of it? No big deal or… ?

I wouldn’t say it’s a big deal unless you’re in pain, but it’s your body and you know what good soreness is vs. worrisome, we don’t.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I lift 3x a week with a coach that trains track racers. There is a lot of unilateral work because most people have a dominant leg (just like their arms / hand) and strength differences still exist even after a lot of training. The differences are less with a lot of training but they still exist.

A dual side power meter would likely tell you the reason why you feel that.

Thanks for the feedback: only soreness, nothing worrisome for sure. Both legs are sore, but left is definitely more sore than the other. This doesn’t happen very often to me, I guess in this case it’s because of the “strength” component of those 12-seconds sprints in Clark.
I know I’d probably benefit from bodyweight lifts, but the following ride I always feel slower, so it’s hard to time those right.

Do your body weight lifts the day of, after your rides. You only need 20 minutes. Just do some body weight single leg good mornings, single leg RDL’s, seated one leg squat, and / or one leg hip bridges. I think just doing two of those, 4 sets, 8-10 reps will help.

The single leg hip bridges are easy to do and will help a lot. The single leg seated squat will require some foundation. A single leg RDL and Good Morning are pretty much just hip hinges like you find in yoga.

That’s not too different from what I used to do, but I feel like my following ride I’m not as fresh. I’ll try again starting from very low reps and progressing super gradually.

I lift on the same days as my TR interval workouts (always after in the evening). Are my gym numbers as big because of it? Likely not, probably down some % as compared to fresh, but the bike matters more and I still lift heavy on my bilateral lifts.

This will give you real rest days however in between. The “make your hard days hard and easy days easy” really is true.

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