Cinglés de Mont Ventoux - Rouvy

Not sure if anybody has heard of this, but it’s a club in France that you can register for the challenge to ride all 3 side of Mont Ventoux in one day and get a certificate. I did it myself in 2017, a rather hard but enjoyable day.

Anyways they are now offering a virtual challenge of doing all three sides in one day using Rouvy.

I plan to do it tomorrow, info is here for anyone that’s fancies it.

I was supposed to be doing it onAugust 29th.
Flights, Van, accommodation and everything booked and paid for

Looks like I’ll be doing it ‘virtually’ at the moment.

7 of us booked to go Weds - Sun. Such a kick in the teeth.

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So I did this today, 5 hours on a trainer is not fun


Congrats! That’s some day in the (stationery) saddle.

Can I ask how the downhill sections work on Rouvy? In real life you would be freewheeling a lot. Is it just a low resistance or is there really no resistance? Sorry I don’t use Zwift etc so I guess downhill there is same.

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Absolutely up to you how hard you go but you will fly down descents even if you free wheel, as in real life.

I’m using a flux so it just seems to drop to its lowest resistance. The likes of a Neo have downhill simulation built in to them