Chumba Ti good for Leadville?

Howdy from a mountain bike illiterate rider. I’m considering a Chumba Stella Ti (Stella Titanium Mountain Bike 29er / 27plus — Titanium & Steel Gravel, Mountain & All Road Bikes | Chumba) for some multi-day bike camping events. Would this bike also handle events like Leadville reasonably well?


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That will depend on a lot of factors.

Do you like riding rigid or HT’s for long events (or have you ever tried based on your calling yourself illiterate)?

How old are you?

Are you racing Leadville (a specific time goal) or riding it (just finish it kind of thing)?

I personally like a little more suspension for the long stuff but I know a few folks that have done Leadville on rigid bikes. Not for me but kudos to them. I’m late 40’s so if I am doing an 8-9 hour race I want to be comfortable in order to put out as much power as I can. I have done some long races on HT’s and my lower back finds a way to let me know it’s there and eventually I have to shift positions or stretch to compensate. On a full suspension I generally do not feel the need to do so.

But the guys that I ride with that are pretty much all in on the rigid bikes make “the rigid life” their primary focus. I am faster than they are but if you put them on a geared/suspended bike I may not be. But they aren’t in it to be fast. They want to ride a _____ bike (hard tail, single speed, rigid, Ti, whatever their thing is).

Plenty of HT’s at Leadville too so I wouldn’t worry about being the outlier there.

That bike will be fine for some and not great for others. A mid 20 pound full suspension is going to work for more people than a Ti HT but again, it kind of depends on what your goals are.


Thanks for the help.

I’ve ridden HT and rigid, but only recreationally. All my races have been on road and gravel. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d really like to pursue the 9 hr mark. I think I’ve committed to a HT or rigid of some sort, just want to ensure that this bike with advertises itself as a CX/endurance is the right style.

Sorry for not being very direct in my original post.

Thanks again.