Damage on carbon bike

I fell off my bike and I have a small impact on my frame (near the wheel axis).

The impact seems big because of the photo zoom but actually it is 1mm
Should I do something?

thanks !

Hard to tell, but looks like its just paint damage. If you can’t see any actual cracks and the area doesn’t feel weak, probably fine to keep riding and just re-paint.

Looks like paint only. I think it’s ok

I’d just put some touch up paint on it. Even if you chipped the top layer of carbon off, it looks like a very thick area.

Contact the folks at Calfee Design. They are experts at carbon repair. They can tell you if you need to do anything.

Can you take another picture, not so close up, and put something next to it for scale?

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Thanks for all your responses
another picture

or URL (possibility to zoom) :photo2 — ImgBB

Put some clear coat on there and ride it, being sure to inspect the area frequently. Looks like mostly paint damage to me. Good idea to cover raw carbon when possible, (so I’ve been told).

Do a tap test with a coin - if it has delaminated it will sound different.

I agree that it just looks like paint damage to be honest.

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One caveat to the coin test- it’s useful, but really only over open sections of carbon with a consistent thickness and structure for you to compare— the middle of a top tube, for instance. I don’t think the coin test would be of much use here, since that’s an area of thick and variably shaped material, likely bonded to the dropout insert as well. That said, looks like paint damage to me.


Is that a trek color shifting purple? If you find touch up paint that looks decent “my friend” would love to hear about it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your responses
@Joe it is a Giant bike (tcr advanced pro 0)

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I don’t like that dent.

you may want to (have a friend) inquire about crash replacement with the MFG. didn’t Giant announce that a few years back?

Oh! Good to know. I guess I have a use for the leftover clearcoat from my DIY RV repair!

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