“Checking for adaptations”

Over the last couple of days, the little pop up which says it’s checking for adaptations in the beta has stopped appearing for me, even though I’ve completed a couple of workouts. A friend of mine has the same and is concerned the AT isn’t running as it should. Is this due to some ongoing work in the background or have we come across a bug at the same time?


I have noticed this as well. I wasn’t sure if it was because I am currently in a rest week in the plan. I’ve completed a “stretch” endurance workout with brought my endurance level from 2.X to 4.1. Normally when you complete a stretch workout, adaptations are suggested but I didn’t see that little pop up this time around.

Mine just said adaptations pending. I selected accept all adaptations. It froze and error out. Now it is no longer checking of adaptations. Ah bugs. Just sent support an email.


I’d usually get a “no adaptations required” message straight away every time I’d go in the career page but nothing at all. Interested to hear what support say for you

I’m also not seeing the popup now. I’m also in a rest week, but not sure if that changes things or not.

I am pretty sure it won’t adjust rest weeks, can’t remember where I read that though (so your other recovery workouts aren’t going to get adjusted up because your endurance level has gone up - this makes sense to me anyway, they’re meant to be recovery rides)

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I’ve been in the beta since February, and as soon as the rest week starts, adaptations cease until the next the next block begins.

This has been my experience with every recovery/rest week, so for those who aren’t seeing adaptations during that time, fear not. It will likely update the day of your ramp test or immediately following the ramp test. There isn’t much reason for it to adapt the recovery week, and until it knows the next FTP value, it doesn’t know how to adjust the levels to serve the proper progressions for the user.

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Same - not seeing it.

Hey y’all!

The “checking for adaptations” button is currently under a bit of development, so its absence doesn’t necessarily mean that AT is not working. It’s much more likely that only that component is encountering a bug than AT as a whole is not working properly.

On your next rides, go ahead and double check that the progression logic is updating as intended and if you’re concerned, shoot us an email at support@trainerroad.com and we can confirm that everything is working as properly on our end.


Interestingly, I just had my Saturday recovery week workout changed from Perkins-1 (Endurance 4.1 Achievable) to Phoenix-3 (Endurance 5.5 Stretch). So it does look like adaptations CAN occur in the recovery week, though I question whether this is a good adaptation or not.

There was some weirdness that led to this, so it may be a bug - the adaptation wasn’t appearing in my web calendar, but came up when I opened the Android app (which I rarely use), and I accepted it. I’m also having an issue changing my Saturday workouts from Outdoors to Indoors, so that may be confusing things too.

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I’ve just completed a 90min workout today and again, no checking for adaptions pop up on my phone browser (Firefox on IOS) - but out of curiosity I fired up tr on my iPad (which I used for the workout an hour previous) and it gave me two adaptations for my 90 min workouts for the next couple of weeks.
My PL’s did change however across both platforms

Hmm… we’ve had a few similar reports of this, would you please report this to support@trainerroad.com? I’m going to chat with the Developers right now to see if we can reproduce this on our end.


I noticed on the desktop app that I have a future pending adaptation that isn’t coming up when I use a browser (I’m not getting the checking for adaptations). Will be sure to report that

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It looks like the adaptations are back for me in browser mode so looks like prob solved?

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I never get the message ‘checking for adaptions’ now when I use the web browser. I always used to but it doesn’t show anymore. I checked with support and they said things were working fine.

I just checked and I get it in the iOS app and desktop app. Didn’t see it in the web browser on the desktop or iPhone. I did see it the other day I’m pretty sure. Still though i mainly use the iOS app unless im analyzing post ride.

This issue should be fully resolved, if you’re not receiving adaptations (and also following workouts pretty well), there’s a chance you dont need them! support@trainerroad.com can always confirm for you, though. :raised_hands:

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