Cheapest Garmin watch/head unit for outdoor workouts and AT progression

Does anyone have a view on the cheapest Garmin watch/head unit that can pickup ant+ power pedals, and be able to send outdoor workouts to and then allow those to show up as input into Adaptive Training?

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Recommend the Edge 530, probably $300USD. Might be able to find it for a little less. If you can afford the Edge 830 with touch screen ($400USD) I highly recommend it for ease of use.

Im in the uk so the 530 is £259, was thinking I could get a previous generation watch for sub £200??

I use an Edge 130 plus which is about £150. No bells or whistles but works for outdoor workouts and AT. It doesn’t support the more advanced Garmin training measures.

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I wasn’t ready to shell out for a new headunit and I was interested in smartwatches, so I found a model from this list that has phone and/or wifi connectivity and was available second-hand (also no asterisk next to the name):

I got a second-hand Fenix 3 HR smartwatch for 135 AUD (75 GBP). I use it for recording and timing workouts, but I still use my Pioneer headunit for displaying realtime power, lap times because following very short intervals is tricky with a watch only.

I use a forerunner 910xt. can be had for $75 or so used.

I’ve used a Garmin Forerunner 735xt for the past two years with outdoor workouts and TR. it works but I hate having to look at my wrist all the time to see the target power and interval time. One major gripe I have is that the target power/interval duration only flash up on the screen for a few seconds. If you miss it because of a turn or a traffic situation there’s no way of knowing what you are supposed to do for the interval. I’ve always had to read, in detail, the workout description beforehand so that I can do the workout even if I miss the interval instructions out on the road.

For the 2022 season I’ve forked out the cash for an Edge 530. Haven’t had a chance to try it out on the road yet as it’s still icy here in February.