Cheaper, *wide*, walkable MTB shoe for commutes

I need a SPD-compatible shoes for commutes. They need not be super stiff, comfort while walking is more important. (I have Bont Riot+ MTB when I want stiff shoes.) Ideally, I want something inexpensive. Sneaker-style shoes would be a great option for the use case, but are not a must.

Now for the curveball: I have wide feet. My S-Works and my Bonts are both 43 wide and 44 wide, respectively. In the past I had a pair of sneaker-style Northwaves that fit and lasted forever. Specialized used to have a few wide shoes available, but it seems only their top-end models are left. And the two usual suspects (Bont, Lake) for people with wide feet only offer shoes that are too stiff and too expensive.

Do you have any suggestions?

I used to have a pair from Shimano for exactly that purpose. Can’t remember the model, unfortunately, but they were definitively one of their cheaper shoes. Looked like cheapish trainers, with laces.

Also MTB companies like FiveTen and Rideconcept makes nice ones that take cleats too.

LaterI just commuted in bike shoesand swapped to normal shoes when in work. Walking round all day in wet shoes is not fun, and it smells…

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Why not go with flats and use Freerider Pros? Super comfortable and don’t look too much like a cycling shoe. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cleats messing up the office floors.


Are those wide shoes or regular width? Something in the style of FiveTens would be great. Adidas makes shoes that are indistinguishable from their regular sneaker (at least to my eyes), but I couldn’t find any wide models.

My wife capped me at two bikes, so my XC hardtail doubles as my commuter. And I wouldn’t want to run flats when I give it the beans.

I’ll bring a pair of office shoes, so that isn’t an issue.

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As far as I remember, they fit more like normal trainers and are not particularly narrow. I like shoes with quite wide toebox, and I didn’t have any issues.

I have a pair of normal-looking Five-tens (but without cleats), and the main difference is that the sole is quite stiff. Perfectly fine for walking around a bit, but I wouldn’t want to go for a run or do a really long walk in them.

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I have somewhat wide feet. I found that Five 10s rub my pinkie toe when I hike-a-bike.

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I got these last Christmas for my train/ commute/ office. I wanted something that wasn’t ‘too loud’ for the office.


Just because inquiring minds want to know ; commuting and requiring mtn bike shoes is not something that I would expect. I would think touring shoes would be my choice no matter what bike for the commute.

I used to have a pair of Bontrager’s Solstice shoes that I cut some rubber out of the bottom so my cleats would fit. I commuted in those. Very walkable. Don’t know if they make them anymore.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions!

As @redlude97 correctly guessed, it was just about cleat compatibility. I could have written “2-bolt cleat-compatible” or something, but that’d be awkward. And SPD-compatible feels wrong as I ride Crankbrothers Eggbeaters :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know Lake made those kind of shoes, they look like a great option. In fact, I wanted to try them since Bonts and Lakes are natural choices for me and my feet. Although I am not sure they make this model in wide. The similarly priced MX168 is in principle made in wide, though, so I’ll have to wait until they are available in my size and width.

Are they available in wide?

I have the Adidas Velo Sambas and they look amazing but I would hate to walk anywhere in them at all. I have some FiveTens that I like but they don’t have clips, the Velo Sambas destroy the back of my feet with constant rubbing because the soles are extremely stiff.

I sit at work basically all day and generally don’t wear them because they are so uncomfortable.

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My Shimano XC7s in standard width are some of the widest cycling shoes I own. Bought them for exactly this purpose and they’re brilliant. They’re a generation old (with the blue accents and michelin rubber) so the XC701s might have changed a bit, but in general I’ve found that lower-tier shimano shoes are usually wider than the top end ones.

Shimano shoes (especially lower tier) are also available in such large quantities that I expect it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a really cheap pair of 3 or 5 series shoes in wide width in whatever style you prefer.

XC for a traditional race shoe
ME for a bit more enduro/crossover
AM for something more like a trainer / flat pedal shoe (but still cleated - looks like GR are the flat version of the same shoes)
EX is the explorer/touring line with a clear off-bike focus (with some goretex options available)

I’d just get on google shopping and search through the various options to see what’s available on lowest price (or best discount) in my size that appeals to me. But I’m also speaking as someone who objectively fits Shimano shoes really really well. YMMV.

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No worries. I really like the Adidas, but usually such sneakers don’t fit :frowning:

I have really wide, thick feet and the shimanos in wide have some of the most comfortable bike shoes I’ve worn.

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Yea same. I think sometimes people dont appreciate how wide wide feet can be haha.

I’ll go to a shoe store…and inevitably an employee will recommend a shoe that doesnt come in wide, but “oh this one is designed with a wide toebox” yada yada. Dude I cant even get the shoe on :rofl:

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I’d wear them while doing the shopping, getting around the villages here and to work. At work, I’d stash a pair of comfy shoes.

Hahaha, yeah, that’s me, too. :rofl:

It’s really frustrating, I saw so many (bike) shoes, often at a discount and I just knew that I wouldn’t even be able to try them on.