Cheap Chocolate x-mas gifts

What do I do with all the boxes of cheap cadburys chocolate gifts I seem to accrue at this time of year.

I thought gifts were meant to be thoughtful. Even the old lady down the road who walks her dogs knows that I’m a fitness freak. So why would friends give me crappy chocolates that they bought on a two-for-one at our local shop.

So WTF do I do now.

Eat them. Throw them in the bin. Re-gift?

Ugh. I know your pain. Chocolate is a weakness for me. My kids are worse than your friends, they bake chocolate cakes and cookies. I can’t as easily chuck those in the bin and yet I can’t seem to stop eating them either.

Eat them, but make them last. You can afford this in your diet

I work at an automobile dealership and throw them on the lunch room table…these animals will eat ANYTHING!


Send them to the Trainerroad office.


Can you imagine if every user sent just one Whitman’s Sampler? Could be a great prank!

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