Chapter 2 company?

Has anyone had exsperiance with this brand, and if so, thoughts?



Chapter 2? Maybe we need more than just a name…

These or someone else?

Yes. That company. I’m not sure what else to provide. Taking about their bikes.

I have a Chapter2 Tere and it’s great. The bike is responsive as i need it, and i’ve never had any issues with it.

My only issue is trying to mount a garmin varia on a Kamm-tail seatpost, but that’s a personal thing vs a bike thing.

other than that, it’s great and i’ve met the founder at the Sea Otter Classics and he’s a great guy. Let me know if you have any specific questions that i’ll try to answer.


thats the bike i was looking at. How does it compare to other bikes? light? pretty good climbing bike? I live in an area where there are many hills but you can also ride the flat a lot. so versatility is nice. beautiful color. I was looking at the limited one right now.

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it’s been great on the climbs for me. I feel the power transfer as needed and so far haven’t really felt that the bike was a hindrance for me on climbs (although my only other reference is against a Bianchi Oltre XR3). If you’re going to do a lot of climbing I know they market their HURU as the climbing bike.

i originally wanted the Huru, but the colors weren’t that appealing so i got the Tere. Although now with their new limited versions, part of me has been considering getting the new limited Huru Korio and maybe selling/repurposing this one as a trainer bike.

Awesome thanks, I’m deciding between the Tere, a factor O2 or a roadmachine. Definitely the coolest paint job.

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They had a profile on I think cyclingtips or velonews. Pretty interesting company from what I remember. Don’t know the link to it tho, sorry

that’s a hard choice as all the bikes you’re looking at are things i’ve considered as well.

good luck! let me know what you decide as i’m curious to see what you get and why.

I own a Chapter2 RERE. It rides as comfortably as my 2014 Specialized SL4 Roubaix. If the TERE rides just was well as RERE, you’re going to enjoy it.


It looks very stylish and cool, I would like to have such a model

have heard that they are nice but $$$ but no experience myself. let us know if you get one!


I decided to go with the roadmachine. While the chapter2 is a beautiful bike, the value that I can get from the bmc is a little better, but the main reason is that chapter 2 can only clear 28mm tires. I live in northern California where 28mm is a must and wider tires would be great to ride some fire roads/ light gravel if I wanted it. Just looking to future proof my bike/ evolving riding style.


Great choice. I love my Roadmachine. Post pics!

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i don’t blame you. i wish it had better tire clearance as well as that would make the ride a bit better. and post pics!

i’m also in norcal (bay area) so if you ever want to check out my chapter2 let me know

For sure. I’m in Napa. Should be picking up the roadmachine today in Santa Rosa. Where do you ride? I’ve seen 1 chapter2 in St Helena (where I live) I’d bet it’s probably you. Maybe a monthish ago

Can also confirm the Tere is a nice ride. But I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the BMC.

What’s more the owner/founder, Mike, is super involved in the business. I needed a zero set back seatpost quickly and got a reply direct from him. Had some good backwards and forwards on all things bikes, then a few weeks later he followed up on the order and how the fit was!


biggest notice was descending, just so much more confidence than my old bike.
Alloy, 105, Rim 25mm -> Carbon di2 disc 28mm. Night and day. cant wait for my second ride.


looks great! what saddle are you using?

i’m in the east bay so don’t think that was me you saw as i haven’t been up there in a while due to SIP.